Our hardware


Our handmade exterior shutter hardware preserves our commitment to providing you with the benefits of a custom design. With our exterior shutter hardware, you have the choice between wrought iron and stainless steel pieces. We also offer a range of historical styles to enable you to find the perfect fit for your home. If our catalog or our shop doesn't have the exact design you are looking for, our blacksmiths can customize hardware to match your taste.

Our Sales and Design Consultants are trained to provide you with hardware that will accentuate your shutters, leaving you with the most beautiful pieces of art you may ever lay your eyes on. Whether you order your shutters functional or fixed, Timberlane has hardware for every occassion. From bullet catches and shutters dogs, all the way to pull rings and slide locks, Timberlane offers the highest quality hardware for your exterior shutters.


We are preserving a long tradition of carefully crafted exterior shutters and hand-forged shutter hardware that is built to last. Please be sure to explore our selection of exterior shutter hardware and you will begin to see your vision emerge into an elegant, historically authentic appearance for your home.

For more information on our exterior shutter hardware, contact us today or take a peak at our Hardware Guide.