"Elegant, fully customizable, maintenance-free shutters"


Our Endurian line of outdoor shutters is the most elegant line of shutters we build. They are the world's first fully customizable maintenance-free shutters. Each Endurian shutter is hand-crafted and assembled, resulting in a masterpiece with a high level of detailing for which Timberlane is so well known for. Once they are painted, your eyes will be fascinated with the sensual appeal that they exhibit.

Our Endurian shutters produce a timeless elegance that will make your home look magnificent for many years to come since we utilize a range of the best synthetic materials and not just one material alone. A superior synthetic shutter is constructed of various different raw materials and technologies (i.e. PVC, fiberglass, composites, etc.) and never just one material universally. Simply put, a one size fits all approach with respect to product design is not possible and yet we can still end up with a superior product.

With multiple panel configurations, the choice of 24 standard shutter colors, and the custom color matching process, you can not go wrong with this work of exquisiteness. Each Endurian shutter is finished with a capitalized paint that was specifically designed to bond with the shutter material. Enhancing the beauty, detail, and crafstmanship with a rock-solid coat that will stand up to the harshest environments.

Our line of Endurian shutters appeal to every type of customer because of their maintenance-free characteristic. Our customers, regardless of their customer profile, choose this line because they do not have to worry about the paint chipping in a year. To truly apprecaite Endurian shutters you will have to wait a couple of generations for they do not age. At Timberlane, we produce the best, quality shutters, and that is proven through our Endurian brand.


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Quick Stats:

Raw Material: Proprietary PVC Extrusions, Pultruded Fiberglass, and High Performance Exterior Wood Composite (based upon shutter style)
Panel Configurations: Any Size Increments - Panel: 1/4"
Louver Configuration: Any Stile Width: 2-1/2"
Custom Rail Placement: Available Top Rail Width: 2-1/2"
Custom Rail Width: Available Mid Rail Width: 2-1/2''
Custom Stile Width: Available Bottom Rail Width: 4" +/-
Thickness: 1-5/16"" Panel Thickness: 15/16"
Minimum Shutter Width: 12" Louver Pitch: Varies
Maximum Shutter Width: 36" Louver Spacing: Varies
Minimum shutter Length: 30" Louver Type: Varies
Maximum Shutter Length" 116" Options: Varies
Size Increments - Louver: 1/4" Hinge Mount: Yes
    Fixed Mount: Yes
Paint: Water-based elastomeric (flexible) acrylic emulsion
Colors: 24 Standard colors and Custom Color Matching
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship (10 -year prorated on paint finish).