Step 3


Timberlane has created 8 signature configuration styles. If you do not see one that catches your attention, we will create one just for you!


Selecting the configuration of the shutter is a very important step, because after all, it determines the general look of the shutters themselves. Our 8 configurations were designed to give you a better understanding as to what your shutters will look like with a certain amount of panels.

To configure a combination shutter, first determine what panel configuration you would like from the facing page. Then, simply decide what shutter style you want in each section. You can select from any of the shutter styles found on our website except for Operable Louver shutters and Board and Batten styles.

If you are interested in a different number of panels, along with different percentages, please contact one of our Shutter Specialists who can help you custom build your own personal configuration. If you are interested in replacing an exisiting shutter and admire it the way it is, we are able to custom match all shutters. At Timberlane we pride ourselves in adhering to all of our customers wants and needs.