Timberlane’s line of custom Bermuda shutters, also known as Bahama shutters, are perfect if you are looking for a way to protect your home from the hot rays of the sun but still want to make it look great. Bermuda shutters accent your home and give it a Caribbean style that can create a very relaxing atmosphere. Our Bermuda shutters will generate a beach feel in your home by creating a shade that can amplify a laid back ambiance. Bermuda shutters will make your home look as though it always has an ocean breeze passing through it and also like you're on a constant vacation!

Our Bermuda shutters can provide you with the privacy you need without restricting you from enjoying the splendors of a beautiful summer day. With your Bermuda shutters tilted out, you will be able to keep your home safe from direct sunlight and still have the chance to bask in the gentleness of a soft wind. You can now enjoy the sounds of the outside without having the sun's rays heating up your home to an uncomfortable level.

At Timberlane we break away from the mainstream, and supply you with options for your custom shutters that can make them as individualized as your personal taste. Whatever color or style you prefer, we can make you custom Bermuda shutters that you will love. Choose either small or large tilt rods, whether or not you want mouse holes and the amount of stiles and rails your Bermuda shutters will have. Not to mention, Timberlane offers you the chance to either select one of our 24 standard paint colors, or you can have your Bermuda shutters painted a custom color so that they match your home perfectly. Timberlane gives you the options you need to make your home’s exterior reflect your style.

We not only hand craft our Bermuda shutters, we also custom make the hardware that is used to install them. Our hardware compliments our Bermuda shutters and creates a synergy of function and fashion. The quality and craftsmanship involved with their construction process is unmatchable, and our artisans are dedicated to making the most elegant, one of a kind hardware and shutters imaginable. 

Hand crafted Bermuda shutters from Timberlane are built with the expertise of craftsman who take great pride in their work. We make sure that every one of our Bermuda shutters are built to perfection and will supply our customers with the type of results they expect from a company who is dedicated to quality. For more information on our custom made Bermuda shutters, contact us today!