About Timberlane

Timberlane, Inc. has worked directly with homeowners and trade professionals to ensure that every ‘welcome home’ moment is extraordinary since its inception in 1995. Timberlane is one of the most respected brands in the industry and produces high-quality products with extraordinary customization capabilities in wood and state-of-the-art, maintenance-free materials.

At Timberlane, there are no stock sizes or configurations; all products are custom made at its facility in the USA. From custom options to premium finishes and more, Timberlane provides the fullest custom design flexibility for builders, architects, designers, homeowners, and more. Timberlane products are not available in big box stores, and the company upholds its commitment to 100% customer delight by working directly with their customers. Today, our products can be found in neighborhoods across the USA wherever quality and attention to detail are of the utmost importance.

In The Beginning

Timberlane began in early 1995 when founder and CEO Rick Skidmore was dissatisfied with the quality, workmanship, and options found in commercially-available exterior shutters. He began a company that would soon be recognized as one of the industry leaders in exterior shutters and outdoor design. Since that day, Timberlane has exponentially grown to employ master craftsmen, woodworkers, engineers, entry-level apprentices, customer experience specialists, and more to serve its ever-growing customer base.

Timberlane began 25 years ago and has become recognized as a leader in the exterior shutters and outdoor design industry
skilled Timberlane artisan handcrafting a set of louver exterior shutters

Built For You

Timberlane products provide customers a way to reflect their distinctive styles that range from the completely traditional to the totally avant-garde. Every shutter and garage door is handcrafted and meticulously checked before it is shipped to customers to ensure a flawless finish.

More Than Shutters

In addition to exterior shutters, Timberlane produces custom garage doors. Homeowners and trade professionals can choose their style, material, customization option, finishes, and decorative hardware to capture the true essence of a quality, handcrafted product.

In addition to shutters, Timberlane produces custom garage doors in an array of different styles