Bucks County Magazine

Timberlane was featured in an edition of Bucks County Magazine. Located in Bucks County, PA, Timberlane, Inc continues to provide their customers with a flawless shutter building experience. From start to finish, each customer is walked through the shutter building process and is provided with endless options for their exterior shutters. With many combinations of materials, styles, types, colors and hardware, this allows each customer to feel as though their shutters are their own work of art.

One of the first steps of the shutter building process is to decide on a style. Timberlane offers fully custom and unlimited options for standard designs, but they essentially offer 4 styles: Panels, Louvers (Fixed & Operable), Board and Batten and Bermuda (Bahama Shutters).

Panel shutters are the most traditional style shutter, but also the shutter that is most open to interpretation. Our Panel styles come in many varieties. From raised to recess, shaker to flat, ogee to quarter-round and bead trim, Panels offer something for all types of customers. Unlike applied mouldings used by other companies, Timberlane uses a tongue and groove construction to secure the edge of the trim inside the stiles and the rails which ensures that our trim can’t fall off.

Louvered shutters were created for ventilation and privacy in the olden days. Today, they provide the same protection and come in two different styles; Fixed and Operable. Timberlane’s Louvered shutters are sanded to a glossy round finish, then the louver is hand-fitted into a slot so it can never flip in the wrong direction or fall out. These shutters are set with enough “float” so they can expand and contract in different weather. Fixed louvered shutters have stiles that are set in place and do not open or close. Operable louver shutters have stiles and a tilt rail that allows you to open and close the stiles to adjust light, air and privacy.

Board & Batten shutters were traditionally used on barns. Today, they have transformed into the pure beauty of the shutter world and are enlivened with beaded detail as seen on historic Northeastern brownstone homes and have created a presence in rural communities. Substantial and heartfelt, Board and Battens are shutters that deeply satisfy the craving for authenticity.

Bermuda shutters, originally designed for the tropics, are the most romantic of styles offered by Timberlane. They are typically used for sun screening and mild storm protection, and offer a classic vacation feel to any home. One shutter panel will usually cover the entire window. They are hinged from the top of the window and are installed with a custom fit support arm to keep the shutter in an open position. Bermuda shutters, also known as Bahama shutters, are perfect for capturing nice warm breezes!

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