Living in the Key West Style Anywhere (2014)

Whether you’re living in Pennsylvania or Florida, you may often catch yourself day dreaming about those tropical breezes with your feet in the sand. This book shows you how you can recreate the relaxed lifestyle of Key West on homes anywhere…. espeically with Timberlane shutters!

Author(s): David L. Hemmel & Judi S. Smith
Publisher: Duval Publishing
Release Date: February 1, 2004

Book Description:  Presents the architectural history and traditions of the United States’ southernmost city. Colorful photographs illustrate the various “Conch” cottages and mansions that have charmed the likes of Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and Jimmy Buffett. Construction details, floor plans, gingerbread patterns, and tropical plant sections permit this unique ambiance to be recreated anywhere. Original.