Handcrafted Garage Door Custom Color Matching

If you’re interested in adding a custom garage door to your home and want to shake things up a bit, color is the perfect place to start.

Color Matching

Looking for a specific color not found within our handcrafted garage door paint or stain options? Fear not! Timberlane can perfectly replicate your desired finish. Simply send in a color chip or swatch, we’ll then duplicate and send out two samples for your approval.

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Custom Color Process

Mixing a custom color just right can take a bit longer because we’re committed to getting it right the first time. The process of formulating unique combinations of specialty bases and pigments takes time to perfect, so be sure to account for added time in your production schedule. To begin the process once your order is placed, send us a color swatch. We do request that the size be substantial enough for the matching process (i.e. 3” x 3”, 6” x 3” or larger).

TIP: If possible, please send 2 swatches.

Handcrafted Garage Door Stain Options

Stains are a popular finish option often chosen by homeowners and trade professionals to elevate the exterior of a home. Timberlane’s garage door stain options are designed to enhance wood garage doors and bring out the unique characteristics of our high-quality materials.

Our Garage Door Finishes

Stains enhance the uniqueness of each piece of wood, highlighting differences and variations across each garage door. Variations in grain and coloring will always be a part of natural wood products. These unique traits are a result of growing conditions, which create distinctive grains and mineral streaks and add to the wood’s overall attractiveness. These variations are not a defect. In fact, coloring differences, mineral streaks, and unusual graining are widely considered to be characteristic of natural wood and part of its overall appeal.

Handcrafted Garage Door Paint Color Finish

Our artisans blend old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to expertly finish our Garage Doors. We use innovative paint lines, finely tuned curing ovens, and a climate-controlled environment to ensure that each garage door has a finished quality similar to that of high-end furniture. This signature process creates a rich appearance and long-lasting luster.

Paint Colors

The color chips shown in this guide may vary slightly from actual painted garage doors. We recommend looking at a painted color sample before making your final choice To better serve you when choosing a color for your custom garage door, we strongly recommend referring to each color’s Light Reflective Value (LRV) rating and whether a color will be approved based on your project specifications. For all questions, please speak with a Timberlane Design Consultant who will gladly assist in your decision-making process.

Not Sure Which Color to Choose?

Contact a Timberlane Design Consultant for color samples and design guidance!

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