Choose Your Shutter Finish

Color is such a personal decision, which is why Timberlane offers a palette of 24 Premium Paint Colors as well as custom color-matching, not to mention additional finishing options specifically for our Premium Wood Shutters. Whether you like traditional or bold, contrasting, or complementary, you’re free to go with whatever color best reflects your individual style. Timberlane’s special factory multi-step painting process delivers rich colors and long-lasting beauty.

Additional Finish Options for Timberlane's Premium Wood Shutters

A Factory-primed Timberlane premium wood shutter profile


Our priming techniques save time for you. We apply one coat of superior tannin-blocking millwork primer so your shutters are field-ready. A light sanding prior to painting is recommended.

A clear coated Timberlane premium wood shutter profile

Clear Coat

A clear coat seals and protects without changing the appearance of the wood. Great for applications where you really like the natural color of a particular wood and want to showcase its distinct variations.

An unfinished Timberlane premium wood shutter profile


Timberlane always recommends a protective coat be applied to raw wood to ensure long-lasting beauty. This option provides you with the flexibility to apply your own finishes to your shutters.

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