Accoya® Shutters
Certified Sustainable Wood

Certified Wood Shutters That Can Last a Lifetime

Our Accoya Acetylated Wood Shutters undergo a proprietary modification process that transforms the wood into one of the world's most durable high-quality wood materials. Accoya contains the same qualities of unmodified wood while delivering outstanding performance and curb appeal year after year.

Revolutionary Performance and Sustainability

Our Accoya shutters are redefining the shutter industry with our modified low maintenance real wood that delivers durability at unprecedented levels. Trusted not to visibly swell, shrink, or distort; it is rot resistant, while withstanding the conditions of any climate. Our Accoya shutters can be customized with any of our premium paint finishes, making it the perfect sustainable shutter that can be enjoyed for many decades.

Timberlane’s PVC exterior shutters made from exclusive Endurian material

Benefits of Accoya Shutters

Sourced from only the highest quality trees and then transformed into one of the world’s most durable high-quality wood through a proprietary Acetylated modification process. Accoya shutters can be milled exactly like our premium wood shutters to stay true to those authentic details that people have cherished for centuries.

Timberlane offers a variety of premium finishes for all exterior shutters

Spectacular Finish

Choose from over 3,500 colors or custom color-match a particular finish.

Timberlane offers Superior shutter Structural Integrity

Superior Structural Integrity

Our Acetylated wood can withstand exposure to the elements all year round, even extreme climates. Highly rot resistant wood.

Timberlane offers high quality materials for all exterior shutters

High-Quality Material

Accoya wood shutters are designed to deliver durability at unprecedented levels.

Timberlane offers highly durable exterior shutters that are built to last

Superior Durability

Accoya shutters are made from our highly durable proprietary Acetylated wood.

Timberlane offers a wide range of customization options for exterior shutters

Built for You

Handcrafted to meet the most exacting of specifications.

Timberlane offers exterior shutters that give any home a historically accurate look

Historical Accuracy

Perfect for applications that require historical accuracy.

Outstanding product, customer service and customer support! I highly recommend Timberlane shutters without reservation. I wish all vendors were as wonderful as Timberlane!

Exceeding Our Expectations

Accoya wood shutters can transform the look of your home or building. The perfect low maintenance wood made to last while retaining its natural beauty for years to come. The most sought out modified wood in the world for its durability and performance.

What are the benefits of Accoya shutters?

Accoya shutters are the only shutters in the world that go through a proprietary Acetylation process. This process makes the wood indigestible by a wide ranges of pests and insects, creating a protection barrier around each shutter. Our shutters are designed for all climates, even exteme ones. We have tested and retested our wood which is highly resistant to rot, does not visibly shrink, swell, or distort after years of exposure to the elements. Accoya shutters have all the same qualities that unmodified wood shutters do, but with an abundance of durability. Each shutter can be milled to create the perfect custom design for you to enjoy for many years.

Why choose Timberlane Accoya shutters?

The trusted reliability of Accoya shutters cannot be compared. When you purchase our shutters, you are investing in long-lasting shutters; you’re getting a complete turnkey experience. We understand your time is of the utmost value, which is precisely why your Timberlane shutters include professional measuring and installation services.

What is the lifespan of Accoya shutters?

As a testimonial of Accoya’s long lasting durability, our shutters are covered by a 10 year warranty. While maintaining outstanding curb appeal, Accoya is the benchmark of modified timbers, making it the most desirable high performing sustainable wood on the market.

Are Accoya shutters easy to maintain?

Much like every investment, we encourage dedicating time every year to visually inspect your Accoya shutters. Whether it’s quickly dusting them free of debris or adding hints of touch-up paint, it takes minimal upkeep to keep your Accoya shutters looking fantastic. For exterior shutter care tips, click here.

Timberlane's Accoya Shutter Styles

Choose your configuration, color, cutout, and more to make your Accoya Shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by selecting one of Timberlane’s Accoya Shutter styles.

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