Endurian® Shutters
Premium PVC Shutter Material

A Maintenance-Free Shutter Material That Resembles the Look of Traditional Wooden Shutters

Our Endurian Shutters are the only PVC shutter material on the market that mimics the look of traditional wood shutters. This premium material provides the desired look of wood with the added benefit of being maintenance-free.

With an available lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship as well as a 10-year warranty on factory-applied paint finishes, Timberlane ensures the expectations of your Endurian Shutters are met.

  • High-quality material that is exclusively available at Timberlane
  • Made from high-performance, maintenance-free solid PVC
  • Provides the same customization options as wood
  • Preferred choice for customers looking for high-quality shutters that will last a lifetime

A synthetic PVC Endurian Timberlane shutter cross section

Timberlane’s Premium PVC Shutter Material

Our maintenance-free shutters are made of a super-strong material that is widely known for its versatility when designing shutters.

Constructed from a proprietary blend of synthetic materials our PVC shutter material has become known for its strength and reliability in installations of all shapes and sizes.

Timberlane's Endurian Shutter Styles

Choose your configuration, color, cutout, and more to make your Endurian Shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by selecting one of Timberlane’s Endurian Shutter styles.

Want to Learn More About our Maintenance-Free Shutters?

If you are interested in learning more about our maintenance-free shutters, take the time to explore some of our available resources. Dive into our Product Comparison Chart, Shutter Profile & Material Guide or get technical with our Endurian Specifications Guide.

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Comparison Chart

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Technical Specifications:

Timberlane Endurian® Shutters can be milled to create a wide variety of profiles, including panels...
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Shutter Profile &
Material Guide

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