Endurian® Shutters
Exclusive PVC Shutter Material

Synthetic Shutters That Resemble Real Wood Shutters

Our Endurian shutters are made from the only PVC shutter material on the market that mimics the look of traditional wood. In addition to capturing the essence of authentic wooden shutters, Endurian is a long-lasting material that adds a whole new level of convenience to your shutter experience.

Experience Impeccably Durable Shutters

While exterior shutters are renowned for their ability to boost curb appeal and turn a head or two, their longevity usually depends on building material. Our Endurian shutters look stunning with any of our premium paint finishes, willfully withstand exposure to the elements all year round, and have an exceptional lifespan.

Timberlane’s PVC exterior shutters made from exclusive Endurian material

Benefits of Endurian Shutters

Composed from a proprietary blend of synthetic materials, Timberlane’s Endurian shutters are a true masterpiece and a favorite of homeowners nationwide. Endurian can be milled exactly like our premium wood shutters to stay true to those authentic details that people have cherished for centuries.

Timberlane offers a variety of premium finishes for all exterior shutters

Spectacular Finish

Choose from 24 standard colors or custom color-match a particular finish.

Timberlane offers Superior shutter Structural Integrity

Superior Structural Integrity

Our PVC does not expand and contract like most natural materials.

Timberlane offers high quality materials for all exterior shutters

High-Quality Material

Though often imitated, Endurian is available exclusively at Timberlane.

Timberlane offers highly durable exterior shutters that are built to last

Superior Durability

Endurian shutters are made from our proprietary high-performance, long-lasting PVC.

Timberlane offers a wide range of customization options for exterior shutters

Built for You

Handcrafted to meet the most exacting of specifications.

Timberlane offers exterior shutters that give any home a historically accurate look

Historical Accuracy

Perfect for applications that require historical accuracy.

Timberlane is a very quality product! Their customer service is excellent and I would highly recommend them if you are seeking to make your home stand out from the rest! This is the 3rd time I have bought from them and I would order from them again!

Not All Synthetics Are Created Equal

As one of the most popular materials used in building and construction, the popularity surrounding PVC continues to grow exponentially. Our Endurian shutter material is abrasion-resistant, moderately lightweight, and is specifically designed to withstand unwanted warping.

What are the benefits of Endurian shutters?

PVC is one of the most commonly sourced thermoplastic polymers in construction worldwide. Its dense structure derives from the additions of plasticizers, allowing it to withstand the most demanding of intended configurations. We designed Endurian with a similar consistency to our premium wood shutters in order to utilize the same milling process and provide a long-lasting shutter option. After performing rigorous testing, Endurian was developed using a proprietary blend of synthetic materials, including PVC. Its closed-cell construction yields extraordinary milling capabilities and offers the same customization options as our premium wood shutters.

Why choose Timberlane Endurian shutters?

You’re not just purchasing long-lasting shutters; you’re getting a complete turnkey experience. We understand your time is of the utmost value, which is precisely why your Timberlane shutters include professional measuring and installation services.

What is the lifespan of Endurian shutters?

When we mention enjoying our Endurian shutters for many years to come, we mean just that. Our Endurian shutters include a 10-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Offering an attractive look and superior durability, Endurian is undoubtedly the premier exterior shutter material.

Are Endurian shutters easy to maintain?

Much like every investment, we encourage dedicating time every year to visually inspect your Endurian shutters. Whether it’s quickly dusting them free of debris or adding hints of touch-up paint, it takes minimal upkeep to keep your Endurian shutters looking fantastic. For exterior shutter care tips, click here.

Timberlane's Endurian Shutter Styles

Choose your configuration, color, cutout, and more to make your Endurian Shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by selecting one of Timberlane’s Endurian Shutter styles.

Want to Learn More About our Maintenance-Free Shutters?

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