Premium Wood Shutters
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Traditional Beauty Handcrafted to Exceed Your Expectations

Timberlane’s premium wood exterior shutters are handcrafted to create a dramatic and beautiful look that is the perfect addition to any home’s style. Whether you want a simple panel design, an operable louver, or shutters that are a bit more rustic, our premium wood shutters are the perfect material for you. Regardless of what style you choose, wood shutters offer a variety of benefits for your home.

Lasting Style and Durability

For the purists who appreciate the authenticity of wood shutters, Timberlane meticulously sources only the finest wood species on the market. Unanimously revered by our dedicated artisans, this wood species allows for a flawless finished product. Each piece of wood is hand-selected by our team to ensure every shutter meets the most demanding of expectations.

Timberlane offers fully customized exterior shutters handcrafted out of premium wood

Benefits of Premium Wood Shutters

Our premium wood shutters begin as rough mill lumber and are then completely transformed into pieces of art for your home. Each wooden shutter is authentically handcrafted to embody the very best in durability and customization capabilities.

Timberlane offers a variety of premium finishes for all exterior shutters

Spectacular Finish

Choose from 24 standard colors or custom color-match a particular finish.

Timberlane offers Superior shutter Structural Integrity

Superior Structural Integrity

Timberlane's Premium Wood Shutters are handcrafted from superior-quality mahogany wood species that are both beautiful and durable.

Timberlane offers high quality materials for all exterior shutters

High-Quality Material

Quality wood exterior shutters are designed to stand the test of time.

Timberlane offers highly durable exterior shutters that are built to last

Superior Durability

Known to be some of the strongest wooden shutter options available.

Timberlane offers a wide range of customization options for exterior shutters

Built for You

Handcrafted to meet the most exacting of specifications.

Timberlane offers exterior shutters that give any home a historically accurate look

Historical Accuracy

Perfect for applications that require historical accuracy.

Our house looks 100% better with real wood shutters. The shutters, the sales, the installation support and the hardware are old-school quality, which happens so rarely these days. With Timberlane, we really did get what we paid for — quality!

Always Authentic. Always Unique.

Sourcing the appropriate wood species is a craft within itself, as we meticulously check each and every piece of raw lumber with the highest level of scrutiny. Our select wood species are the ideal material for exterior shutters because it offers excellent workability, stability, and a beautiful grain that gives each shutter a sophisticated look. Beloved by customers and artisans alike, our premium wood shutters are sanded, machined, and painted for a stunning finished product that’s built to last.

What are the benefits of wood shutters?

There is a reason why wood has historically been the top choice among shutter materials. Not only do our wooden shutters withstand the natural elements, but they also allow for a plethora of personalization options, from custom finishes to creative cutout designs. Whether your preference leans towards simple or extravagant, choosing beautiful, durable, and versatile Timberlane wood shutters will surely set your home apart from the rest.

Why choose Timberlane wood shutters?

You’re not just purchasing premium wood shutters; you’re embarking on a journey toward incredible curb appeal. We understand your time is of the utmost value, and your convenience is our chief concern. That’s why your shutter experience with Timberlane includes professional shutter measuring and installation assistance.

What is the lifespan of Timberlane’s wood shutters?

Each of our premium wood species is a popular building material that is used in exterior applications such as boatbuilding and millwork, as it possesses exceptional workability. While our premium wood shutters include a four (4) year warranty, they also have a broad spectrum regarding their life expectancy. With little to no maintenance, Timberlane wooden shutters can easily last up to 20+ years. However, with proper maintenance, their expected lifespan increases anywhere from 40-50 years. If you reside in an area that is prone to high moisture, we do recommend applying a fresh coat of paint every 4-6 years.

Are wood shutters easy to maintain?

Much like any investment, exterior shutters require some upkeep in order to preserve their beauty and prolong their lifespan. We encourage you to devote some time, at least once a year, to visually inspecting your wood shutters. Whether you need to quickly dust them free of debris or add a few hints of touch-up paint, it won’t take much time or energy to keep your wood shutters looking great. For more exterior shutter care tips, click here.

Timberlane's Premium Wood Shutter Styles

Choose your configuration, color, cutout, and more to make your premium wood shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by selecting one of Timberlane’s shutter styles.

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