Premium Wood Shutters
Wooden Shutter Material

Traditional Beauty That is Handcrafted to Exceed Your Expectations

For the purists who appreciate the authenticity of wood shutters, Timberlane uses the highest quality of wood on the market today to handcraft our beautiful shutters. Our Premium Wood Shutters can be configured in a wide array of styles and options to suit your home's unique style.

With an available 10-year warranty against defects and workmanship as well as a 5-year warranty on factory-applied paint finishes, Timberlane ensures that your expectations are exceeded with our Premium Wood Shutters.

  • Available in Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, and Sapele Mahogany
  • Handcrafted to meet the most exacting of specifications
  • High-quality wood that is resistant to moisture and termite damage
  • Preferred choice by Timberlane customers

A premium wood Timberlane shutter cross section

Timberlane’s Premium Wooden Shutter Material

Our premium wood shutter materials are hand-selected by our dedicated artisans to ensure every shutter meets the most demanding of expectations.

Each wood shutter is authentically handcrafted to embody the very best in durability and customization capabilities.

Timberlane's Premium Wood Species

Timberlane offers four premium wood species for our shutters. Choose the wood species that is right for you and your shutter project.

Attractive durable old growth softwood shutter material with clear vertical grain

Western Hemlock

Attractive, old-growth lumber with clear vertical grain that is rich in golden color showcases the pure beauty of this premium wood material option.

Western Hemlock Shutters are renowned for their beauty when stained and offer exceptional high strength and density. Western Hemlock is recognized as one of the best woods for general construction, marking it a clear choice as our go-to premium wood material.

Attractive durable old growth softwood shutter material with clear vertical grain

Western Red Cedar

A beautiful, fine-grained wood that has exceptional natural tannins to help preserve its character, quality, and long-lasting durability.

Western Red Cedar Shutters are popular for their extraordinary resistance to rot and termite damage. This light-weight material is not only durable but allows for a plethora of stunning details to be easily executed. Every piece is hand-selected and patiently kiln-dried to last for years to come.

Durable fine hardwood marbled grain pattern profile

Spanish Red Cedar

This species, also known as cigar box cedar, is a fine hardwood. It has similar characteristics to Western Red Cedar but with its own enduring charm.

Spanish Red Cedar is a durable, long-lasting shutter material option that is ideal for staining due to its consistent grain pattern. In addition to its sought-after appearance, Spanish Cedar is also known for its durability as its super dense consistency will have shutters looking new for years to come.

Luxurious strong water-resistant wood profile

Sapele Mahogany

Dramatic and luxurious wood species, with a straight, open, and attractive grain, that looks beautiful either stained or with a clear, natural finish.

Sapele Mahogany is a solid, long-lasting shutter material that portrays a consistent grain pattern that offers a stunning staining foundation. This wooden shutter material is one of the strongest, most water-resistant woods on the market and is highly sought-after for its durability and resistance to decay.

Timberlane's Premium Wood Shutter Styles

Choose your configuration, color, cutout, and more to make your Premium Wood Shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by selecting one of Timberlane’s Premium Wood Shutter styles.

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