Resilience Shutters
Aluminum Shutter Material

Traditionally Designed Shutters with the Added Strength of Aluminum

Our Resilience shutters allow for a traditional look with the strength and durability of aluminum. Resilience shutters offer flexibility in styling and design to complement any home or commercial property. This shutter material comes in either standard or hurricane-rated options.

Protect Your Home in Style

If you live in an area that's prone to tropical storms, you already understand the importance of protecting your home. However, most means of protection tend to lack aesthetic appeal. That’s not the case with Timberlane’s Resilience shutters. Our hurricane-rated shutters not only add a layer of superior protection, but they give your home an elevated look that lasts all year round.

Timberlane’s Resilience exterior shutters made from sturdy aluminum alloy

Benefits of Aluminum Shutters

Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, all Resilience shutters are custom-made to fit any window on your home or property that requires an added layer of protection. Whether your top priority is protection or curb appeal, our aluminum bermuda shutters provide the best of both worlds.

Timberlane offers a variety of premium finishes for all exterior shutters

Spectacular Finish

Choose from 10 standard colors or custom color-match a particular finish.

Timberlane offers Superior shutter Structural Integrity

Superior Structural Integrity

Our Resilience Shutters allow for a traditional look with the strength and durability of aluminum.

Timberlane offers high quality materials for all exterior shutters

High-Quality Material

Though often imitated, Resilience shutters are available exclusively at Timberlane.

Timberlane offers highly durable exterior shutters that are built to last

Superior Durability

Resilience shutters are made from highly durable aluminum to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Timberlane offers a wide range of customization options for exterior shutters

Built for You

Handcrafted to meet the most exacting of specifications.

Timberlane offers exterior shutters that give any home a historically accurate look

Historical Accuracy

Perfect for applications that require historical accuracy.

Very satisfied with the quality of the Bermuda shutter I ordered. The service that Timberlane provided was very professional from beginning to end. The shutter was delivered before the due date. I would recommend Timberlane to anyone who wanted a quality custom shutter.

Always Custom, Never Compromised

Masterfully merging functionality and design, our Resilience shutters are widely acclaimed for their superior durability and highly coveted lightweight construction. Exceptionally attractive and easy to maintain all year round; what’s not to love?

What are the benefits of aluminum shutters?

From excellent durability to increased curb appeal, our standard and hurricane-rated Resilience shutters are handcrafted to beautify and protect your home for many years to come. We specifically design these shutters to look like traditional shutters and withstand harsh weather conditions at the same time. For those who live in areas prone to severe storms yielding excessively high winds, our Resilience shutters are the ideal choice.

Why choose Timberlane aluminum shutters?

While many hurricane-rated shutters are unattractive, oversized, and require heavy-duty hardware to counter their heavyweight nature, aluminum shutters are the opposite in every way. Our Resilience shutters are lightweight, highly durable, and are offered in a plethora of premium powder-coated finishes. If you desire a specific color, Timberlane offers custom-color matching.

What is the lifespan of Resilience shutters?

Aluminum is a popular construction material, as it can withstand excessive winds and tropical storms but is also lightweight in design. While our Resilience shutters include a 10-year warranty against defects and workmanship, performing minimal upkeep can increase their lifespan by up to 30 years.

Are aluminum shutters easy to install?

Timberlane’s Resilience shutters are easy to install, only requiring a few pieces of shutter hardware. Our bahama shutters are mounted at the top of windows and are installed with support arms to control the angle of the shutters. For complete hardware options, visit our bermuda shutter hardware page.

Timberlane's Aluminum Shutter Style

Choose your configuration, color, cutout, and more to make your Aluminum Shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by exploring Timberlane’s Resilience Shutter options.

Want to Learn More About our Resilience Shutters?

If you are interested in learning more about our long-lasting, durable aluminum shutters, take the time to explore some of our available resources. Dive into our Product Comparison Chart, Shutter Profile & Material Guide, or get technical with our Resilience Specifications Guide.

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