Resilience Shutters
Aluminum Shutter Material

Traditionally Designed Shutters with the Added Strength of Aluminum

Our Resilience Shutters allow for a traditional look with the strength and durability of aluminum. Resilience Shutters offer the latest in styling and design to complement any home or commercial property. This shutter material comes in either standard or hurricane-rated options.

With an available 10-year warranty against defects and workmanship as well as a 5-year warranty on factory-applied finishes, Timberlane ensures the expectations of your Resilience Shutters are met.

  • Available in hurricane-rated and standard profile options
  • Provides a traditional look with the added protection of Aluminum
  • Ideal solution for those interested in Bermuda Shutters
  • Preferred choice for those looking for a hurricane-rated shutter

An aluminum Timberlane shutter cross section

Timberlane’s Aluminum Shutter Material

Our aluminum shutters offer exceptional quality and are specifically crafted to protect homes in style.

In addition to the more decorative profile options, Timberlane offers three hurricane-rated Resilience Shutters that are sure to capture the true essence of pure relaxation while defending against intense storms.

Timberlane's Resilience Shutter Style

Choose your shutter profile, color, and more to make your Resilience Shutters unique in every way. Begin your journey by exploring Timberlane’s Resilience Shutter.

Want to Learn More About our Aluminum Shutters?

If you are interested in learning more about our long-lasting, durable aluminum shutters, take the time to explore some of our available resources. Dive into our Product Comparison Chart, Shutter Profile & Material Guide or get technical with our Resilience Specifications Guide.

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Technical Specifications:

Our Resilience Shutters offer a traditional look with the strength and durability of of Aluminum...
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