Choose Your Shutter Options

There are nearly an unlimited array of shutter options when you have all these details to customize, creating your own unique Timberlane Shutters. Here are some excellent ways to make your home distinctive. A Timberlane Expert can help by explaining any of the shutter options below. We’re here to make your shutter project easy and fun to customize!


The placement of rails determines the shutter configuration and creates a very distinctive look. Configurations are typically referred to as a percentage of the total length of the shutter, so a 50/50 shutter is divided into two equal parts.


Cutouts are a way to personalize your shutters. With hundreds of cutouts available, we are sure to have something that catches your attention. If not, we will custom-design any cutout for you! Cutouts can be added to panel and select board & batten shutters.

Shutter Capping

Capping prevents water from collecting on top of the shutter and seeping down into the joint where it could compromise the shutter. Capping is like a roof for your shutters; and it can help add a level of protection against nature.

Radius Tops

Radius Tops allow shutters to properly fit arched windows. We offer a variety of complementary radius-top shutters, always built to perfectly mirror your window shape. If that isn’t enough, we will gladly customize one for you!

Tilt Rods & Mouse Holes

Tilt rods are used on operable louvers to open and close the louvers. A mouse hole is the notch that houses the bottom of the tilt rod when closed. However, for those who don't have operable louvers, these elements can be added for decoration.

Rabbeting & Beading

Overlap rabbeting allows for functional shutters to overlap when closed. This treatment is frequently requested to provide an added degree of historical detail. Beading is a decorative touch incised down the back of the rabbeted stile to add character.