Shutter Rabbeting & Beading

Shutter rabbeting, also known as “shiplap,” is milled to supply an added degree of historical detail or to make shutters truly functional. We mill the outer edge of each shutter’s stile so that, when closed, one shutter overlaps the other. Shutter rabbeting typically provides a tighter fit and more efficient light blockage.

Shutter beading (as a complement to rabbeting) is a decorative detail, a beading cut on the back of the rabbeted stile. This decorative bead is available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ diameters.

Timberlane wood shutter with rabbeting to allow the shutters to fully close when operable

Shutter Rabbeting

Timberlane wood shutter with small edge beading

Small Beading

Timberlane wood shutter with large edge beading

Large Beading

Timberlane Shutter with small edge beading and rabbeting

Rabbeting with Small Beading

Timberlane Shutter with large edge beading

Rabbeting with Large Beading