BS1: 1-3/8″ Bermuda Shutter

The Bermuda Shutter, also known as a Bahama Shutter, is an enchanting style that originated in the tropics. One panel generally covers the entire window, is hinged from the top, and installed with a support arm to keep the shutter in an open position. The BS1 Bermuda Shutter profile features 1-3/8″ louvers. Available options include small or large tilt rods, mouse holes, and your choice of multiple stiles and rails. Want to view Bermuda Shutters already installed on a home? Check our Tropical and Beach Homes Gallery for a few examples!


Top Rail2-1/2″
Middle Rail(s)2-1/2″
Bottom Rail4″ to 4-1/2″
Stile/Rail Thickness1-5/16″
Louver Pitch45 degrees
BS1 Bermuda Shutter Profile

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