BS3: 2-1/2″ Bermuda Shutter

Our BS3 Bermuda Shutter Profile tropical style with a wider louver, which lends itself to even more sun and storm protection. Bermuda Shutters are a perfect way to give your home a refreshing island-style appeal. These shutters will make you feel like you are on vacation every day! In addition to frame customization, BS3 Bermuda Shutter have the option to add tilt rods and mouse holes. And don’t forget the Bermuda hinge hardware and aluminum support arm! These parts allow your shutter to stay open and let in cool ocean breezes. Want to view Bermuda Shutters already installed on a home? Check our Tropical and Beach Homes Gallery for a few examples!


Top Rail2-1/2″
Middle Rail(s)4-1/4″
Bottom Rail3″ to 5″
Stile/Rail Thickness1-5/16″
Louver Pitch20 degrees
Louver Spacing2-1/4″ on center
Louver Thickness3/8″
BS3 Bermuda Shutter

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