Open Board and Batten Shutter Profiles

Timberlane’s open board and batten shutter profile is specifically handcrafted from our collection of premium wood materials and is sure to add a healthy dose of charming detail to your home’s exterior.

BBO: Open Board and Batten Shutter

full image of Timberlane's BBO open board and batten shutter

BBO: Open Board and Batten Shutter

Historic. Memorable. With 1/4″ of space between boards, this style is expansive in slight, almost unseen ways. Because of their construction, open board and batten shutters are available only in standard size widths, but in any length.

Cross Section: illustration of Timberlane’s BBO board and batten shutter style cross-section features

Available In:
Premium Wood

Elevate Your Custom Shutters

If our open board and batten shutter profile has captured your interest, wait until you explore all the ways to make your exterior shutters truly unique in every way. From custom cutouts to functional hardware and more, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Radius Tops for Arched Windows

Radius Tops allow shutters to properly fit arched windows. We offer a variety of complementary radius-top shutters, always built to perfectly mirror your window shape. If that isn’t enough, we will gladly customize one for you!

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Timberlane’s radius tops are the perfect addition for a picture-perfect install onto arched windows

Timberlane’s wide array of cutout designs are a great way to add personality to exterior shutters

Cutout Designs

Cutouts are another way to personalize your shutters. With hundreds of cutouts available, we are sure to have something that’ll catch your eye. Have a design in mind? We’ll custom-design any cutout for you!

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Shutter Capping

Capping prevents water from collecting on top of the shutter and seeping down into the joint where it could compromise the shutter. Upgrade to copper capping to really enhance the overall look of your shutters.

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exterior shutter capping options

Timberlane offers rabbeting & beading options to create a seamless overlap for functional exterior shutters

Rabbeting & Beading

Overlap rabbeting allows for functional shutters to overlap when closed. This treatment is frequently requested to provide an added degree of historical detail. Beading is a decorative touch to add character.

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