FUL: Fundamentals Faux Louver Shutter

A simple faux louver shutter manufactured from our high performance exterior wood composite material. These louvers are milled out of a solid sheet of composite material so there is no air space between the louvers. All sizes come with a centered mid-rail. Want to get a better look? View our products installed in our Shutter Gallery.

They are available in standard widths, with 1/2″ increments up to a maximum shutter width of 24″ and standard lengths in 1/2″ increments up to 96″ in length. Discuss your faux louver shutter design by contacting a Shutter Expert today!


Top Rail2-1/2″
Middle Rail2-1/2″
Bottom Rail2-1/2″ to 4″
Stile/Rail Thickness1-1/4″
Louver Pitch12 degrees
Louver Spacing1-1/2″ on center
FUL Faux Louver Shutter

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