blue bermuda shutters on white siding house front angled

Mission Style Shutters

Mission style shutters, also known as craftsman style shutters, emphasize the geometric simplicity and clean lines often associated with the classic Arts & Crafts movement. Mission style shutters are available in maintenance-free endurian or premium wood with the option to choose from 4 unique profiles to achieve the craftsman style look you desire.

Open Board and Batten Shutters

Timberlane’s open board and batten shutter profile is specifically handcrafted from our collection of premium wood materials and is sure to add a healthy dose of charming detail to your home’s exterior.

Closed Board and Batten Shutters

Timberlane’s closed board and batten shutters are known for their charming details. Accentuate the look of your shutters with an array of customization options including V-grooves, beading details, and more.

blue bermuda shutters on white siding house front angled

Bermuda Shutters

Designed for all day protection from the sun, while allowing for a breeze to come through, Bermuda shutters offer”protection from the elements without having to open and close your shutters every day. Additionally, bermuda shutters, also known as bahama shutters, provide protection during hurricanes and stormy weather, making this shutter style popular for its tropical look and summertime aesthetic. When paired with our functional bahama shutter hardware, these shutters can easily be opened and closed on demand from inside your home.. If you yearn to give your home a laid-back, relaxing, beachy feel, Timberlane’s bermuda shutters are the ideal choice.

timberlane operable louver shutters

Operable Louver Shutters

Timberlane’s operable louver shutters are the perfect option for those who intend on using shutters for aesthetics and function. With just a lift or pull of a tilt rod, you can easily control how much sunlight or ventilation is able to enter your home at any given time.

timberlane fixed louver shutters

Fixed Louver Shutters

Timberlane’s fixed louver shutters are a simple, well-constructed shutter style that combines looks and functionality. Each available fixed louver shutter features stationary louver blades that are perfect for adding privacy, sunlight, and even ventilation when paired with functional shutter hardware.

timberlane flat panel shutters

Flat Panel Shutters

Timberlane’s flat panel shutters offer a clean, minimal look that gives this shutter style a particularly pleasing three-dimensional quality. More often than not, less is more, and our flat panel shutters are sure to make a lasting impression.

timberlane recessed panel shutters

Recessed Panel Shutters

Timberlane’s recessed panel shutter profiles are a gentler design but yield tremendous detail for gazing eyes. In contrast to other panel shutter styles, our recessed panel profiles sit just below the shutter frame allowing for subtle but rich shadows and stunning detail that are sure to capture the perfect amount of detail you yearn for.

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters are synonymous with the ever-popular traditional colonial look. Each raised panel option offers bold, unique styling to create that welcoming feeling homeowners crave as each panel face sits flush with the frame.