Bermuda Shutters

Designed for all day protection from the sun, while allowing for a breeze to come through, Bermuda shutters offer”protection from the elements without having to open and close your shutters every day. Additionally, bermuda shutters, also known as bahama shutters, provide protection during hurricanes and stormy weather, making this shutter style popular for its tropical look and summertime aesthetic. When paired with our functional bahama shutter hardware, these shutters can easily be opened and closed on demand from inside your home.. If you yearn to give your home a laid-back, relaxing, beachy feel, Timberlane’s bermuda shutters are the ideal choice.










Find Inspiration For Your Bermuda Shutters

Our bahama shutter photo gallery is sure to spark your imagination and get you inspired to start your shutter project. From tropical and beach homes to outdoor living areas and more, we’ll show you just how versatile our bermuda shutters can be — and how much incredible style they can add to your home.

Elevate Your Custom Shutters

If our bermuda shutters have captured your interest, wait until you explore our customization options! We offer a number of simple ways to make your exterior shutters truly unique, from different shutter configurations to functional hardware, and more!

Shutter Configurations

The placement of shutter rails determine the shutter configuration and creates a very distinctive look. Configurations are typically referred to as a percentage of the total length of the shutter to allow for complete creative freedom.

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Timberlane’s exterior bahama shutter configurations alter the placement of the rails for a custom look
Timberlane offers tilt rod and mouse hole options for bahama style shutters

Tilt Rods & Mouse Holes

Tilt rods are used on operable louvers to open and close the louvers. A mouse hole is a notch that houses the bottom of the tilt rod when closed. For those who don’t have operable louvers, these elements can be added for decoration to fixed louver shutters.

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