Custom Garage Doors

Garage Door Styles

Timberlane’s garage doors are handcrafted to complement your home’s exterior and capture your unique vision and style. From the classic garage door styling to the ever-popular carriage and trifold styles, your garage door journey begins here!

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Timberlane offers multiple garage door styles including classic, carriage, trifold, and farmhouse

detailed illustration of the construction method of a Timberlane custom garage door

Garage Door Materials

The foundation of every garage door starts with the materials. Explore our available materials that are hand-selected by our team of artisans. Each has its own unique set of qualities and stunning features that are built to be enjoyed for years to come.

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Stains & Finishes

Choosing the right stain or color for your garage door is exhilarating. With a number of standard colors and stains available, we’re certain there’s a finish just for you. Have a color in mind? Timberlane offers custom matching capabilities as well!

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Timberlane offers stains and finishes options for all custom garage door project

Timberlane offers a wide variety of charming decorative hardware to set your garage door apart from the rest

Decorative Hardware

What better way to push your creativity even further when designing the perfect garage door than with decorative hardware? Our selection of faux hardware sets apart ordinary garage doors from the rest.

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