Handcrafted Garage Door Custom Color Matching

If you’re interested in adding a custom garage door to your home and want to shake things up a bit, color is the perfect place to start!

Looking for a specific color not found within our handcrafted garage door paint or stain options? Fear not! Timberlane can perfectly replicate your desired finish. Simply send in a color chip or swatch, we’ll then duplicate and send out two samples for your approval.

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Timberlane offers custom color and finishes matching capabilities for our garage doors

Custom Color Process

Mixing a custom color just right can take a bit longer because we’re committed to getting it right the first time. The process of formulating unique combinations of specialty bases and pigments takes time to perfect, so be sure to account for added time in your production schedule. To begin the process once your order is placed, send us a color swatch. We do request that the size be substantial enough for the matching process (i.e. 3” x 3”, 6” x 3” or larger).

TIP: If possible, please send 2 swatches.

step 1 of Timberlane’s custom color matching for garage doors includes color mixing

Step 1: Color Mixing

Once we receive the swatch, we send it to our color mixing experts. The base color is then adjusted manually by developing the exact balance of pigment colors until the color match sample is correct. This process is long and exacting as the color must be reviewed in all light settings after the paint is dried.

When the color matching is complete, two sample blocks of the exact material type that your garage doors are made out of are finished and sent back to us for our review.

Step 2: Color Approval

We then ship the color sample block and a portion of your original swatch back to you for your own review and approval. If you are not 100% happy with the color matching, simply send the pieces back to us and we will re-work the match process.

Note: Our process timeline includes a 24-hour turnaround for your review and approval. If additional time is needed it will add additional days to this stage of the timeline.

step 2 of Timberlane’s custom color matching for garage doors includes color approval

step 3 of Timberlane’s custom color matching for garage doors includes paint creation

Step 3: Paint Creation

After we have received your approval we will place the order for the required finish, our mixing experts will create your custom paint supply based on the final approved combinations and will retest and ship the custom paint supply to our location.

Step 4: Garage Door Painting

Upon receipt of the custom paint supply, we continue the production process. After the first coat of paint has been applied we will match the color on the garage door with your approved color swatch before applying the 2nd coat of paint for an additional layer of quality assurance, and will then complete the painting process.

Whether your garage door has received a custom paint color or a standard color, all of our painted garage doors pass through our final inspection, packaged, and shipped to your location.

step 4 of Timberlane’s custom color matching for garage doors includes garage door painting