Handcrafted Garage Door Construction

When you are looking for an authentic, solid wood construction for a Swing Out garage door, Timberlane’s garage doors are built to order. Timberlane garage doors are built to your specifications all are ideal for those who demand the highest quality of handcrafted manufacturing.

Vintage Garage Doors
Solid Wood Construction

For the more classic approach to garage doors, feast your eyes on Timberlane’s Vintage Garage Doors. Featuring only the highest of quality wood species available, each garage door is meticulously crafted by our staff of well-trained artisans to ensure every detail is accounted for.


Traditional appeal never looked this good.

Experience The Timberlane Difference

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary begins with selecting the right garage door construction. Choose from our collection of premium woods that are designed to suit your unique needs. Whether you crave a certain garage door style or the ability to incorporate faux hardware for an authentic look, conclude your garage door search with Timberlane.

Timberlane’s shutter materials are of the highest quality and come standard with industry-leading warranties

Expertly Crafted

With over 25 years of custom manufacturing experience, you can rest assured that every detail of your garage door design will not disappoint.
Reach new levels of creativity with Timberlane’s premium finishes, custom options, shutter hardware, and more

Vast Customization Options

With an array of overlay materials, panel designs, premium finish options, and optional decorative hardware to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless.
Garage Door Materials

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Looking to enhance the look of your home? Adding a truly unique, well-crafted garage door is a surefire way to elevate your home.

Astounding Characteristics

While all our garage doors are crafted from the highest-quality materials available, our Vintage garage doors offer their own distinct list of benefits. Explore each option, choose the material that’s right for you, and get ready to completely transform the look of your home!

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