Vinyl Overlay with Insulated Vinyl Coated Steel Base

Built For Longevity, Designed For Beauty

If you crave the look of a wooden garage door but prefer a synthetic material, our Endurance Garage Doors are the perfect choice for you. Each door is specifically crafted from advanced materials that are low maintenance and create an overall smooth design.

Endurance Garage Doors are the preferred choice for those who live near areas that are prone to extreme moisture.

  • Increased energy efficiency courtesy of an insulated base
  • Specifically engineered for longevity and designed with stunning details
  • Captures the look of real painted wood with minimal maintenance required

detailed illustration of Timberlane’s endurance garage door construction

Timberlane’s Endurance Garage Doors

Endurance Garage Doors are professionally constructed with solid vinyl overlays and a vinyl-clad steel face for an overall 2 1/2” thickness for exceptional energy efficiency.

Each door has an R-value of 13.12 and is offered an array of style options to choose from.

Timberlane’s Endurance Garage Door Styles

Choose your style, color, cutout, and more to make your Endurance Garage Doors unique in every way. Begin your journey by selecting one of our garage door collections.

Want to Learn More About our Endurance Garage Doors?

If you are interested in learning more about our Endurance Garage Doors, take the time to explore some of our available resources. Dive into our Material Comparison Chart or get technical with our Endurance Specifications Guide.

Garage Door Material
Comparison Chart

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Technical Specifications:
Endurance Garage Doors

Timberlane Endurance Garage Doors can be milled to create a wide variety of styles and panel designs…

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