Timberlane offers a range of panel, louver, bahama, board and batten, mission and combination shutter styles

Shutter Styles

With a variety of shutter styles available, give your clients complete design flexibility to bring any idea to life. From panel and louver to bermuda and combinations of multiple styles, this is the best place to begin the journey.

Expertly constructed for a flawless finish.

We understand the importance of ensuring every detail and measurement is spot on, which is precisely why we offer a robust resource library.

Shutter Materials

Much like the foundation of any home, the material for your shutter projects is of utmost importance. Whether your clients’ preference leans towards the traditional appeal or longevity is the name of the game, Timberlane has the perfect material for their shutters

Meticulously inspected for complete satisfaction.

Looking for more information about Timberlane’s shutter materials? Download our material comparison chart, dive into our material spec sheets or experience our materials in person by ordering samples.
Timberlane offers a range of premium wood, maintenance-free, aluminum and wood composite shutter materials
Timberlane’s offers 24 premium finish options for exterior shutters as well as stains and custom color matching

Shutter Finishes

From bold and daring to subtle and subdued, Timberlane offers an array of finishes for any preference. If your clients have a particular color in mind or want to match an existing color on their home, we can most certainly accommodate that request.

Professionally sealing reputations, one pair at a time.

Instill the trust of your clients with professionally painted exterior shutters that will keep them looking newer, longer. Learn more about our finishes and ways to find the perfect color for your clients’ shutters.

Shutter Hardware

The best way to add those finishing touches that are sure to turn a head or two is by incorporating shutter hardware. From functional to decorative installations to the mere aesthetically prone accessories, Timberlane’s catalog of shutter hardware yields no bounds.

Think of hardware as jewelry for exterior shutters.

Shutter hardware has been known to allow homeowners to express their individualistic style. Learn more about Timberlane’s available shutter hardware to better serve their vision.
Timberlane offers copper capping, cutout designs, shutter hardware and more for exterior shutters

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