Exterior Shutter Premium Paint Options

Timberlane’s 3,500 plus premium Benjamin Moore Coretech Command paint color options are expertly mixed to ensure they’ll stand the test of time. From deep, lustrous hues to tones both bright and brilliant, we’re confident you’ll help your clients find the perfect color to complement their home’s unique style. Timberlane exclusively paints with the Benjamin Moore Coretech Command product line. Command, offering resistance to fading, cracking, and peeling, is the go-to solution for your shutter project. As an extremely durable, waterborne acrylic urethane paint, you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Premium Color Process

Choosing your perfect swatch color is one of the most exciting steps in your shutter project. If you already have a Benjamin Moore color in mind then you can contact a Timberlane Design Consultant with your swatch color code.

Still deciding which color might be right for your shutter project or have a color sample that is not Benjamin Moore? Visit any of the 7,300 Benjamin Moore stores or 5,600 Ace Hardware stores nationwide to find your ideal match. There are over 3,500 plus premium Benjamin Moore Coretech Command paint colors to select from.  finish, our mixing experts will create your custom paint supply based on the final approved combinations and will retest and ship the custom paint supply to our location. it will add additional days to this stage of the timeline.

Can’t get to a Benjamin Moore store? No worries, our Timberlane Design Consultant can help you match your project color. To begin the process once your order is placed, send us a color swatch. We do request that the size be substantial enough for the matching process (i.e. 3” x 3”, 6” x 3” or larger).

TIP: If possible, please send 2 swatches.

Step 1: Color Selection

Once we receive the swatch, we send it to a local Benjamin Moore color mixing expert to match. 

When the color matching is complete, two sample blocks with your selected shutter material are finished and sent back to you for your review.

Step 2: Color Approval

We then ship the color sample block and a portion of your original swatch back to you for your own review and approval. If you are not 100% happy with the color matching, simply send the pieces back to us and we will re-work the match process.

Note: Our process timeline includes a 24-hour turnaround for your review and approval. If additional time is needed it will add additional days to this stage of the timeline. 

Step 3: Shutter Painting

Once we receive your approval, we will continue the production process. After the first coat of paint has been applied we will match the color on your shutter order with your approved color swatch before applying the 2nd coat of paint for an additional layer of quality assurance, and will then complete the painting process. After each painted exterior shutter passes final inspection, it is packaged and shipped to your location.


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