Timberlane’s Custom Exterior Shutter Wood Stain Options

Wood shutter stain options are the ideal finishing touch chosen by customers who want to elevate the exterior of a home with a natural look. Timberlane’s available stain options are specifically designed to enhance exterior shutters and bring out the unique details of our high-quality wood species.

Timberlane light oak wood stain option for exterior shutters

Light Oak

Adds just the right amount of lightness to bring out subdued tones of the natural color and grain.

Timberlane chestnut wood stain option for exterior shutters


A semi-transparent brown and tan scheme that elevates and transforms the look of natural wood.

Timberlane cherry wood stain option for exterior shutters


Lustrous, rich amber undertones that are immediately introduced to darken, warm orange-reddish tones.

Timberlane myrtle wood stain option for exterior shutters


A unique stain that combines shades of honey, browns, grays as well as hints of reds and greens.

Timberlane mahogany wood stain option for exterior shutters


Gives a hint of brownish-red color while darkening the pores of the wood grain for an appealing appearance.

Timberlane ebony wood stain option for exterior shutters


The darkest stain option available that, while looking almost black, still allows the natural grain to appear.

Wood: Variations in grain and coloring will always be a part of natural wood products. These unique traits are a result of growing conditions, which create distinctive grains and mineral streaks and add to the wood’s overall attractiveness. Stains enhance the uniqueness of each piece of wood, highlighting differences and variations across each shutter. These variations are not a defect. In fact, coloring differences, mineral streaks, and unusual graining are widely considered to be characteristic of natural wood and part of its overall appeal.