What Colors Can Timberlane Paint My Shutters?

Timberlane Shutters are available in twenty-four Premium colors designed to complement your home – from shades woven into the fabric of our history, like Antique Bottle Green and Country Red, to more contemporary colors, like Slate Stone and Blue Topaz. If you don’t find one that strikes your fancy, we can custom match your shutter color to any color you choose. Or, learn about wood stains and other finishes here.

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Timberlane’s offers 24 premium finish options for exterior shutters as well as stains and custom color matching

How to Pick a Shutter Color for Any Home

Color is a reflection of your personality. It transforms a home, much like our shutters. Whether your palette is inspired by an existing shutter, a trim detail or even the flowers in your garden, we have a hue for you.

There are a lot of helpful hints for selecting outdoor shutter colors which are universal. Below are some concepts that apply no matter what color or exterior material your home has.

Selecting Shutter Colors: The Basics

  • Light colors make things appear larger, while dark colors add definition.
  • For clues to help you choose a harmonious color scheme, look at the colors of your landscape and undertones in your roofing and foundation materials, such as brick, stone, and stucco.
  • Consider the colors of your neighbors’ houses, too. You can stand out while also maintaining awareness of the color environment around your neighborhood.
  • Be sure to view potential color picks in the sun. Colors always look lighter and more vibrant in the sun than they do indoors.
  • For larger-looking windows, match the trim and shutter color.

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