Exterior Shutter Hardware

Our selection of exterior shutter hardware gives you further opportunities to customize your shutter design. You can install it for function, decoration, or both! With our wide range of exterior shutter hardware, you have a variety of options to express your style. In addition, you can choose between wrought iron and stainless steel pieces. We also offer historical, European, and whimsical styles, enabling you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Exterior shutter hinges hardware

Shutter Hinges

Hinges transform your shutters from simply beautiful to functionally beautiful. They are available in several lengths, offsets, and constructions to work with every window of your home. Shop Hinges
Exterior shutter pintel hardware

Shutter Pintels

Traditionally, a pintel is required along with a hinge for proper installation. They are available in a variety of weights and widths to work with the hinge that best fits your window’s needs. Shop Pintels
Exterior shutter locks hardware

Shutter Locks & Pull Rings

Shutter locks and pull rings can enhance your shutters’ functionality, their aesthetic, or both. These elegant details pull and keep your shutters closed and add an authentic style to your exterior. Shop Locks & Pull Rings
Exterior shutter tieback hardware

Shutter Tiebacks

Tiebacks, also called shutter dogs, are available in both historical and whimsical designs. They hold your shutters in place and offer a great way to express your style. Shop Tiebacks
Exterior shutter faux hardware

Faux Shutter Hardware

Faux strap hinges, jamb hinges, and tiebacks give your shutters the appearance of authentic, fully functional shutters, even if they are fixed-mounted to your home. Shop Faux Hardware
Exterior Bermuda and Bahama shutter hardware

Bermuda Shutter Hardware

The hardware for our Bermuda (also called Bahama) shutters brings function to the shutters’ breezy appearance – giving them the ability to provide shade, air flow control, and privacy. Shop Bermuda Hardware
Exterior shutter installation hardware

Hardware for Installation

No detail is too small. Every capping, fastener, anchor, and sill-mounting kit is here to make sure you have what you need to properly install your new Timberlane exterior shutters. Shop Installation Hardware
Exterior Shutter European hardware

European Hardware

Our European Hardware Collection includes a variety of hardware pieces to give your home added curb appeal. Accent your refined taste by adding these cosmopolitan details to your home exterior. Shop European Hardware